Property Maintainence From Mallorca Estate Management.

Property MaintenanceProperty Maintainence From Mallorca Estate Management.

As property owners ourselves we understand what getting it right means.

There’s nothing worse than an almost complete job!

With Mallorca Estate Management your property will be cared for by a

UK trained tradesman and local specialists. Professionally qualified and

with decades of experience in our services you will have the very best people,

materials and finish as well as reliability. With Mallorca Estate Management

tomorrow means tomorrow. We ensure this guarantee of punctuality with the

use of our in-house labour.

Are we different from the rest? Yes.

We have a degree qualified project manager who will carry out interim and ad hoc inspections to your property and compile a professional report, scope any arising work and carry it out to perfection. Check the credentials of other ‘professionals’. All our qualifications are available on request.


Property Management in Mallorca From Mallorca Estate Management.

Property Management in Mallorca From Mallorca Estate Management.

About Mallorca Estate Management

Mallorca Estate Management is your solution to owning property in Mallorca without having to engage in the vast amount of work that comes with ownership.

You enjoy the place. We enjoy the work!


With the worry free property management services provided by our professional team, all that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy your holiday home.

We keep it simple – One point of contact to complete everything.

With over 30 years’ experience in Mallorca and other locations we can guarantee the best service. As overseas property owners ourselves we completely understand the frustrations and drawbacks this can entail. With our vast experience in property management, property development, project management and years working in the tourism industry, we are more than prepared for all eventualities.

Mallorca Estate Management is more than just a property management company. We are your solution to a hassle free overseas property ownership. Over the years we have provided our customers with the best service as well as the highest quality standard and care for their homes. We pride ourselves on our work and are always seeking to exceed expectations.

We have a diverse and consolidated team of professionals that are at your disposal 24/7.

For those clients who wish to escape from it all into a trusted environment Mallorca Estate Management has confidentially agreements available.

Why are we different to other companies on the island?

We provide exceptional care to your property.